WIlls, Estates & Estate planning

Most people have very little knowledge of what to do when someone dies.  Our firm has been assisting and supporting executors and relatives of the deceased for over 40 years. 

  • Who is responsible for and has the right to arrange a funeral?
  • Who has to pay for the funeral?
  • If there is no Will, who are the deceased’s closest next of kin?  What powers and duties do they have?
  • Apart from the funeral, what other urgent or important matters (if any) need to be attended to?
  • How do I find out if the deceased made and left a Will?
  • Who is entitled to a copy of the Will?
  • What formalities and paperwork is required to have the deceased’s assets distributed?
  • How much time does an executor/administrator have to distribute assets?
  • Who is entitled to the deceased’s assets if there is no will?
  • What is a Grant of Probate or Administration from the Court? Is it necessary?
  • What happens if someone is unhappy with the terms of the Will?